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The AUPP Bachelor Degree Pathway Programs have been developed in conjunction with ATMC and the programs utilise ATMC curriculum under licence. AUPP provides its specially crafted Credit Transfer skill Program through RPL to obtain an ATMC Diploma qualification before admission to the Federation University for direct 2nd Year of Bachelor Degree. ATMC has Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland campus for completing the relevant undergraduate degrees.

About AUPP Surat National Group (founded in 1998) is an organisation committed to professionalism. We are a team of professionals engaged in the fields of education services. Our commitment to integrity, transparency and ethical business practices is the Foundation of our operations.

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Start 1st Year In Surat & Finish Bachelor Degree in Australia

Start In India & Finish In Australia or New Zealand

Unique Bachelor Degree Pathway

1st international Degree to 1st International Career

Bachelor Degree in IT & Management from Australian University or NZ after successful completion of AUPP

Post Study Work Visa (PSWV)

Learn & Earn
Zero cost Bachelor Degree & Saving
2 Years work visa in Australia & 3 Years work Visa in NZ

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Bachelor of IT -BIT

AUPP Bachelor degree Pathway Program
Bachelor in IT with specialisation

Bachelor of Business

AUPP Bachelor Degree Pathway Program
with specialisation in accounting & Management

Bachelor of Applied Arts (Digital Media)

AUPP Bachelor of Applied Arts( Digital Media and Design) is the perfect pathway into industry. With a hands on focus, our courses have you learning from industry experts and connecting with those that do, as well as teach.

Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film Production)

AUPP Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film Production)
This dynamic and cutting-edge film production course integrates theory and practice to provide the creative and artistic tools needed by emerging filmmakers.

Bachelor of Applied Management

AUPP Bachelor of Applied Management. To be an effective manager you need more than just business knowledge, you need an understanding of yourself and other people in order to be a high-performing leader in modern times.

AUPP Master Degree Pathway

Pathway in IT for Master programme
Start in India  & Finish in Australia  ...Semester 1 in India & rest Master in Australia

Language Lab

Foreign Languages Preparation Center

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ATMC Announcement

ATMC now an approved provider of Western Sydney University Pathway Programs. WSU is currently ranked in the top 2% of universities globally and ranked first in the world for its work to address gender equality.

AUPP Announced scholarship

ATMC announced scholarship for AUPP Bachelor Degree Programme & Master Degree

Help to International Students

International students will receive a relief payment of up to $1,100 as part of a Victorian Government emergency support package that will help tens of thousands of people across our state. International students are a vital part of our education system, our economy and our community. They give so much to Victoria – not just through the fees they pay, but also through the economic activity they generate for our businesses, and the contribution they make to our vibrant, inclusive society. https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/emergency-support-for-victorias-international-students


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The Abroad Unified pathway Program-AUPP allows you to undertake the first year of your International Bachelors Program in your home country & then complete the remaining two years of your Bachelors Program in Australia/NZ.  Our dedication ensures that you are prepared well in your own country so that you feel at home in Australia/NZ, within a safe, secure and supportive environment. AUPP’s commitment will allow you the opportunity to take on this life-changing journey and get full advantage of the experience we have to offer you.

After completing the course through AUPP program, you earn the degree from Top Ranking University of Australia. After that you get 2 years Post Study Work Visa, so that you can work in your field in Australia and thus your international job career starts.

You can save about 10 Lakhs by studying the 1st year in India and when you will go to Australia, you will have 20 hours per week of study which will allow you to work for 40 hours per fortnight as part-time. So you can Study and Earn.

The Abroad Unified pathway Program-AUPP allows you to undertake the first year of your International Bachelors Program in your home country & then complete the remaining two years of your Bachelors Program in Australia. The bachelors degree will be of Federation University, which is a Top Ranking University of Australia.