About National Group

Since 1998, National Group is in the field of offering educational assistance to students in pursuing overseas education. In this field, we hold the position of being an organization committed to professionalism. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who strives their best to keep with our mission and vision of the organization. We have sustained in this field just because we stand strong with our promise. Our promise to be the guide in a student's journey from here to abroad. Moreover, we don't just boast but with true results and an ever-growing response rate from students you can rely on us without any doubt. Our commitment to integrity, transparency and ethical business practices is the foundation of our operations. We work as an ATMC, Australia Education hub as well.

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Which is the best country to go for study?

How can I get pre & post services for my study abroad?

Which will be best for me  IELTS or PTE ?

How can I know my IELTS level?

Which are the best options for Universities & programme for me?

and many more questions related to your international career


The Hybrid Program allows you to start the first year/first semester of your International Bachelors/Masters Program in your home country & then complete the remaining years of your Bachelors/ Masters Program in USA/UK or Australia.  

Benifits of Hybrid Programme

* Learn online from direct University

* Save time & money

* Eligibal for work permit & PR

* Extra guidance from center

* Refund policy


  1. Cultural immersion: Experience new cultures firsthand.

  2. Academic excellence: Access top-tier educational institutions.

  3. Personal growth: Develop independence and resilience.

  4. Networking opportunities: Build a diverse international network.

  5. Language skills: Learn or improve language proficiency.

  6. Global perspective: Gain insights into global issues.

  7. Career advantages: Enhance employability and competitiveness.