Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film Production)

The course will teach you practical skills for film, online and interactive media, through hands-on production courses. It also offers an excellent range of critical courses to develop your understanding of film history, genres and cinematic styles.

Throughout this course you’ll expand your creative thinking, explore the craft of storytelling and, ultimately, transform into a professional film practitioner.

Potential employment outcomes

Employment opportunities for graduates of the Film Production specialisation exist in the digital media industry, film industry, TV industry or in businesses that require video content as part of their communication strategies.

Class format

Class format includes  a combination of lectures, tutorials and activities. Classes may also include field trips and industry visits.

ATMC NZ has an excellent relationship with leading film companies and can assist in placing film students for third-year internships.


Philosophy and psychology +

Sociology and media studies +

Art history and digital image production +

Film production project +