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Students aspiring to pursue MBBS but not able to get a merit seat in Government Medical College here can choose for an alternative - MBBS from abroad to complete their dream with National Group in association with YASH OVERSEASES EDUCATION

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MBBS is one of the popular choices among Indian students who wish to enter the field of medicine. 

While there are 680 medical colleges in India recognized by the National Medical Commission of India, this number is quite low if compared to the number of medical aspirants in the country. Also, there is an urgent need for more professional doctors in India to meet the needs of the Indian population. The number of doctors in India per person is quite low, especially in rural areas. Reports say that the doctor-population ratio in India is comparatively very less against the WHO recommendation of 1:1000. 

If you are an aspiring MBBS candidate planning to switch careers or taking a gap year for further preparation of NEET, here is an alternative for you to study MBBS abroad.  In the past few years, there has been a growth in the number of Indian students who choose to enroll in foreign universities which are NMC approved & offering MBBS.

There are some good reasons why Indians prefer studying MBBS abroad to studying MBBS in India.

Countries like Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Philippines etc. are some of the famous destinations for Indian students to pursue MBBS. Let us now explore various reasons why you should study MBBS abroad. 

Reasons to Pursue MBBS Abroad

Low Fees

NMC Approved University

USA or UK curriculum

Hostel with Indian food

NEXT preparation with MBBS to practice in India

High success ratio in MCI / NEET exams