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About :

Alumni are one of the many titles that you bare and it is also a title that lends definition to your life in certain aspects. The word itself is derived from the Latin verb, “to nourish”, and literally means “nourished ones”. There are many ways that you can think about yourself and reflect upon the nourishing experiences you had while earning this meaningful title.

In a large sense, the education that you received shaped how you engage, interpret and act in the world around you. The life experiences that you underwent during your post-graduate careers contributed greatly to the development of your character spurned you onto a greater level of independence and ultimately prepared you to deal with life’s twists and turns. The relationships that you developed throughout this process will forever be united by this bond of change that marks such an important period in your lives.

Alumni Meet :

Alumni meet such as these provided us with an opportunity to become reacquainted with the community from which we come. We invite all the old students of NG to be a part of Alumni and share their experience.

We have privileges for our Alumni students for the whole year where they can take benefits and seek help as and when required of the faculties and their batch mates. Alumni’s are updated through mails and we have included a new opportunity for their career advancement, building business network.  It is our humble effort to keep our alumni bonded and not only keep them informed through information sharing and resource pooling through various meets and activities, but also benefit our existing students from their valuable experiences. Be a part of the NG alumni association. Remain connected.