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About National Group

As a student of the National Group, you have just opened the door to a wealth of opportunities. With our smart learning courses, global exposure and ample training initiatives, you will start your life changing experience at National Group from the time you put your first step on campus.

"You have the ability, you have the talent. We develop it, sharpen it and give it the right thrust to shape the future of your dreams. And all at affordable fees!"

Right from its inception in 1998, National Group is an organization committed to excellence in education and professionalism. Affordable education, international exposure, skill enhancement courses, a smart syllabus and a stimulating campus life- these are a few of the many offerings of NG that guarantee a position of respect for our students in the professional world.


To be the bridge between academic life and professional career.


To deliver technically superior, cost effective and time bound education.

To foster young talent, give it the right environment to flourish, enhance skills and assist it to take the first step towards a bright career.